COMMON Sense And The Greater Good!

Why does it seem, so often, common sense, is, anything, thegreatermind but, COMMON? Although, in the past few years, we have, unfortunately, witnessed, what appears, to be, a breakdown, in many aspects, of basic, human decency, the greater good, will only be served, and benefit, when civility, quality reasoning, and understanding, one needs to constantly, learn, or will fall behind, are basic, essential elements, of nearly, all areas of our lives! Unfortunately, in today’s America, it seems, there is a conflict, between, the haves and the have – nots, and in the past few years, that gap, instead of narrowing, or even, remaining the same, has significantly, widened. When, President Trump, states/ emphasizes, he deserves an A+, for his handling of the pandemic, when, nearly, every public health expert, disagrees, Marin property management it takes a better informed, knowledgable group of citizens, to insist, on a more logical approach, to every aspect, of public leadership. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Character; cooperate; create; coordinate: zenlinks We must pay more attention to every candidate’s true, quality of character, instead of, simply, listening to their promises, and rhetoric! Unless/ until, one emphasizes cooperation, instead of polarization, they won’t be able to create a better system, and, effectively, coordinate activities, for the greater good!

2. Options; opportunities: Every viable option, locallistingz and alternative, must be considered, thoroughly, with a keen – consideration, towards finding the best opportunities, to achieve the best scenario!

3. Meeting of minds; middle – ground: We have always had partisan politics, but, the level of polarization, today, seems to be, at a level, rarely, witnessed, before! Only, socialdir when those, we elect, prioritize seeking some sort of middle – ground, and openly discussing possibilities, will we discover, the meeting – of – the – minds, which might benefit, all of us!

4. Motivate; make mark; meaningful: If, instead of constantly experiencing, the same – old, same – old, ineffective ways, we demanded, public leaders, sought, meaningful, changes, for the better, will a more sensible government, be serving us! The best way, to motivate Americans, is, biigo for its leaders, to make their mark, not by their promises, and rhetoric, but, rather, by the level and quality of their ideas, strategies, and actions!

5. Organize; original; open – minded: wikidirectori Why isn’t there more of an emphasis, on professionally designed, quality, strategic planning, which helps to organize the best path, forward? We need open – minded leadership, and a willingness, to introduce, some original ideas, and approaches, when they might make sense!

6. Needs; niceties: Why do so few, today, seem to pay attention, to the niceties, which might make life, more unifying, and satisfying? Our leaders must prioritize serving the needs, of all Americans! For more info please visit here:-


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