Do We Still Keep Diaries and Journals?

The value of keeping a personal diary is simply priceless; with all your thoughts, technologydiary secrets, memories and emotions thrown in, it can be the best ever confidant!

The past generations, if you look at it, techprats were very much keen on keeping diaries and journals, as they found it an interesting yet engaging way to keep account of the daily happenings. But this doesn’t seem to be the case with the present generation who prefer to keep pace with the latest in the technology; now what is in is micro blogging, online diaries and the like. If truth is said, the power of keeping a diary and the satisfaction it gives is beyond words can express and is seldom matched by any of these new age mock-diaries or journals that makes your life so transparent to the world.

Why Should We Keep a Diary?

The very fact that there happen newstweeters a hell lot of things in your life that is not meant for the public to be known or read is what makes diary writing so dear even now. If you have not thought of it ever before, keeping a diary is a simple yet effective way to bring some kind of coordination to ones life. The reason may vary why one write a diary; some may prefer it as a record of the day-to-day life and happenings of life, whereas some find it as a way of self analyzation and self development where the internal thought can be weighed and ideas may be examined.

Some even take up diary writing as techprani a way to improve their calligraphy and there is also the fun lot, who do occasional diary writing as a means of mental relaxation and time pass.

How to Keep a Diary?

To start with diary writing, all you need is to choose a diary that you would feel like writing on. Some like to keep it plain and simple, but some want their diaries to be special just as the content it is going to have. Diaries these days come in a variety of makes, shapes, types etc; echjey from designer diaries to embossed journals, refillable ones, locking diaries, quoted journals and even the latest eco-friendly diaries, there is a choice for everyone.

One you have your diary in hand then it’s just about getting into the habit, rest all will fall in place. Whether it is poetical, normal, Shakespearian or flowery, foiz you may write like nobody is reading. How often you write and what you write is all your liberty.

Remember, there is nothing close to keeping a personal diary or journal to speak your mind’s voice, coz it will be and remain forever your best confidant for the days to come! Fore more info please



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