Is There An Alternative Health Events Friendly Search Engine, Directory or Database?

Have you ever moved to a new area or wanted to scope out a new area, nadiya while on vacation or just wanted to know what’s happening in your area, using the internet? If your interests are directed towards nightlife and boozing your way through life, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for, fast. Not that there’s anything wrong with boozing but life has so much more to offer. At least I think so.

On the other hand if you’re not well you can find an assortment of activities to help you learn all the drugs you can get with a prescription to free you of all that ails you in the bat of an eye. The “disclaimer removed” doesn’t tell you all the consequences you’re bound to experience after relieving your current challenge. Even the city, county, state and federal listing will steer you to these numerous events. It’s a wonder that those promoting these events haven’t realized most that really need to be at these event often have no transportation, alternativehealthdirectory duh!

So what if that is not part of your lifestyle habits and what if you are part of the group that, knows that there’s so much more to life? What if you are one that has, as “Thoreau” once said in his poem, “choose the road less traveled”.

I recently discovered that there are no search engines, directories or databases that make it easy for those who are looking for more in life, to find it.

After inviting, some health conscious friends to my town, I quickly discovered that finding anything close to what they’d like to do was not going to happen on the internet, at least fast. I grabbed a local health magazine to learn they had a sprinkling of events and most were multi-level marketing and product invitations. Now I know in my town there are thousands of practitioners and activities, but they’re spread all over the place. In fact you would need to search for each activity separately, to get anywhere.

That’s it, I said to myself. I did locate some happenings by word of mouth, and a few on Facebook, but after my friends left, I decided to do something about it. What I did is create an events listing, specific for the alternative health and lifestyle community with free listing just for my community. Well it’s just for now. And that’s right, I made it free. I did this because the cost to advertise can be high and the lead time is great on any publication that circulates 10,000 or more. But most of all if you want something you have to be it, foiz at least that’s what I see. So I’m holding space now for my community and those that hold events in the alternative health and lifestyle community in Central Florida.

If you’re in this area, you’ll now be able to advertise to a growing list of subscribers and these subscribers get this listing, spam-free, in their email boxes once a week.

Now there is at least, in my area, seguridadinformatica a listing that will allow one to find events that are directed towards those that know there is something more to life.


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