It’s Our Turn to Eat – The Story of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower by Michie Wrong – Book Review

“It’s Our turn To Eat – The story of a Kenyan Inside the story Whistle-Blower” by Michie Wrong is a political action themed story written in a very detailed way. It’s all about battling corruption inside the Government. We always incorporate the word “Corruption” in Government; well that’s just because most of them are corrupt.

The story is all about a new President; Mega News Web Mwai Kibaki was elected in 2003. Then the president must appoint someone to sit as the head of the commission for anti-corruption and one eligible for that position is longtime government critic, specifically in corruption and that is no other than John Githongo. A former journalist.

Eventually, Githongo had discovered something really intriguing, online shopping and that is the president is connected in some financial biases and corruption is present in his regime. The title “It’s our turn to eat” was actually from the symbolism, For me, it means, Flex electricians let’s bring back the corrupted stuff from its real beneficiaries, and those are the people of Kenya.

Being an associate in administration, Githongo was expected to cooperate. But he didn’t, Lifes Vitals he knows that if he pursue his loyalty, he is comparable to those corrupt individuals. Our hero-journalist gathered facts of official modus, and he knows by himself that he is facing into a lot of trouble if he will be caught. He knows that if the scandal will spread, Optimum Traders it will be as huge as the Watergate scandal.

His bravery will lead into something at the end of the story, you want to know what? Then buy It’s Our Turn to Eat – The story of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower by Michie Wrong. watchcomedy


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