Role Of T1 Line Service Providers

The T1 line service providers offer fiber telephone lines to the users that enable transmission of more data when compared to the normal telephone lines. A normal connection is able to send data using a dial up modem at the speed of thirty thousand bits per second. In comparison, the T1 lines can transmit data up to 1.544 megabytes per second.

Because of its capability to transmit large amount of data, these are used to transmit information over twenty digital channels. Such services are also widely used for transmission of sound data over various networks. The transmission rate of such lines is more than sixty times the speed provided by twisted pair cables.

T1 lines are recommended for offices that use more than eight telephone lines as it is more cost effective. A major advantage for these users is that they are able to significantly reduce the expenditure on their telephone bills. Moreover, diving in egypt they are able to benefit from the advantages offered by faster speeds of important data over the telephone lines.

The most important factor that determines the cost of your dedicated line is the distance between your office and the T1 line provider’s location. Initially, when the technology had been introduced, the cost for acquiring these dedicated lines was very steep. However, the improved infrastructure, increase in the number of service providers, and the growth in demand has resulted in these costs reducing significantly.

These service providers provide numerous services to their clients, which includes business DSL. The speed offered by these lines ranges from 250 kilobits to 1.5 megabits per second. However, these connections can be used by only fifty people making it suitable for smaller organizations.

The second type of connection offered is the T1 line for transfer of data only. It is more reliable than the business DSL connection while being more stable. However, this type of connectivity is available for a higher monthly fee in comparison to the business DSL.

For companies that require direct voice contact, it is recommended to choose the T1 line for data transfers. These connections are able to handle twenty-four voice connections simultaneously. The biggest advantage of this connection is that it is directly available from the infrastructure of the provider.

Several companies require a combination of voice and data transfers and opt for integrated T1 connection. The provider splits the connection in to voice and data transfers as per the requirements of the specific company. You can also choose from two more types of connections, รับเพิ่มยอดติดตามไลน์ which include the multiple T1 lines and DS3 connections, which can handle fifty and one hundred users, respectively.

The chosen T1 line service providers must provide constant connectivity with no downtime. Moreover, the company should offer customer service support all seven days a week for twenty-four hours per day. In addition, the service provider should employ qualified, trained, and experienced technicians who are able to install and correct any problems without any difficulties. Such companies can be found on the Internet by reviewing the comments and feedback provided by other users.


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