The Difference Between Determining Personality and Forgery

Most of the times people misunderstood the difference between handwriting analyst and document examiner. People thought that they are the same and both are the person RedLasso who determined that the documents had been written by the same person or to prove that the signature had been forged.

The truth is that there is a difference between the two professions.  Although both of these professions have to work with handwriting samples, habitforge they look at the handwriting from totally different angles.

Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding the personality through the strokes and patterns revealed in the handwriting. Therefore the handwriting analyst is a person who determined the personality of the writer. theconversationprism

There are three important things that will be considered when a handwriting analyst does the analysis.

Emotional responses

Emotional responses are how you make most of your decisions either you are ruled by your head where you use logic or you are ruled by your heart where you use your feeling in any situation. softwareglimpse

Your emotional responses could be seen through the slant of your handwriting where the slant needs to be measured to determine the emotional responses accurately.

Emotional intensity

The emotional intensity could be seen through IT Support Manchester the pressure of your handwriting. Emotional intensity will show how deeply you feel emotions and how long these emotions last.


Your traits or habits could be revealed through how you formed the letters in your handwriting. The letters that you formed will show whether you have a high self-esteem, a determine person, Translation Service like to procrastinate and many other habits that you have.

Additional to the above a handwriting analyst will also look at the three zones and the stroke directions in your handwriting to determine your whole personality.

Unlike handwriting analysis, document examining will not have the above. There will be no identifying, evaluating and understanding of your personality from your handwriting.

Document examiner would not even make any comments on character or personality derived from your handwriting. Although the personality would not be derived from the handwriting, measurement and examination of the handwriting sample are still a must to determine the author or writer of the sample.

In other words, duclarion document examining is a process to analyse the documents to identify whether they had been forged or to identify that the same person had written the letters.

Because of the nature of their job, document examiners services are normally used in the court cases to determine any forgery in the documents such as will, cheques etc

I hope that by now you have understood the difference between the two professions.

If you want a professional to determine your personality, louisvillecardinal help identify your positive and negative traits, you need to seek handwriting analyst’s help. He would be able to help you in improving yourself in order for you to achieve your dreams. He could also help you to evaluate other people’s personality such in new employees screening purposes, understanding your children better and help you to improve your relationships.

Document examiner on the other hand, will help you in determining whether there is a forgery in the documents or determining who’s the real author of the document.


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