Verizon iPhone News: Features for the New Verizon iPhone

The iPhone is now officially released on the Verizon Network!

I know many of us have been awaiting the introduction of the iPhone to Verizon because we are fed up with the service from ATT or simply do not want to switch carriers. Well, now the iPhone is available for the first time on two networks!

The rumor mill has been running wild for the last year or so with excitement and anticipation surrounding the iPhone’s release, but today I was surprised by the small reaction surrounding the announcement. When the Verizon iPhone news was presented this morning it came off as a hurried and lack luster effort from the service provider. The new carrier did not go over the top with new features, price reduction or anything that would attract a passive observer.

However, despite the apparent lack of features or marketing, alternativehealthdirectory Verizon will still be able to attract customers due to their service reputation that dramatically outpaces ATT’s.

Alright, here are the specifications and details that have been released so far:

– Available in stores on Feb 10th goodsandnaturals

– 16GB model: $199, 32GB model $299

– Rumored $30 per month unlimited data plan

– Pre-installed iOS 4.2.5

– The Verizon iPhone is currently top10ratings NOT able to use voice and data simultaneously

Honestly, I was fairly disappointed in this announcement (as you probably noticed) because I had hoped the Verizon iPhone news would make a bigger impact in the smartphone market. Maybe the increased competition will push the two carriers to offer more competitive data plan rates in the future…

Enjoy vpnguide your new iPhone!


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